is it just me or are everyone's subtitles loading forever?

  • Please provide a link to the video/page you have the bug
    : subtitles in all video won’t work
  • Please let us know from which country you are having the bug (YT and Netflix have different content and subtitles depending on the country the user is located)
    : I am Korean, live in Korea and learning English
  • If relevant, please let us know what are the configuration of languages you try to have

I liked this add-on because I could easily see translations, save sentences and even the whole script and repeat specific verbal sentences for dictation. So I’ve subscribed to this for over 1 year.
But now I cannot do anything out of those above.
Even though I was waiting with patience for it to be fixed, it hasn’t been fixed for over 3 weeks I guess.
It doesn’t work no matter whether at home or work.
I sincerely want to use this add-on but I can’t help but thinking unsubscription at the same time…

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