YouTube only says "loading subtitles" ... forever...

I just paid for the Pro subscription, and now I can’t even use it on YouTube. I tried tips from other forum posts, including signing out of YouTube and trying it that way – still, just “loading subtitles. Please wait.” For the entire video. Should I just cancel Pro?


I have the same problem… now the LLY button acting up and now that,
what fresh hell is this? HALP! x’3

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I meet same problem. How can we solve it? :sob:

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Me too. Happend like 5 days ago

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It worked the second after I posted my reply… Confusing… Maybe just turn it on and off randomly and prey…

Edit: it worked for only one video. Not working again


I went to the extension management page, disabled the extension and enabled it again, and now it’s working well

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it’s not working for me

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I have the same problem. Reinstalling the plugin didn’t help…

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It worked with a video in English, but didn’t work with other videos in Russian… what the… I don’t get it :confused:

Here’s the error’s stack trace from the Google Developer tools

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Oh! I think I might have solved it… Try toggle the youtube subtitles from the one you’re using to another and back to the want you use… I don’t know if it will last but it worked for me :slight_smile:
Derp around with the “force original subtitles” on LR’s setting back and forth, I did that too :slight_smile: Cheers my Turtle-people :wink:Traitement de : mock2.jpg…

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Yeah none of this has worked for me. No word from the company that developed this extension, to whom I gave money for the Pro version. I feel dumb for giving them my money now. Damn.

@kirianguiller Please take a look

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Now I can’t even figure out how to stop getting updates to this question I gave up on. Lol.

after fiddling with all that, try to click on the URL and type return to refresh, I manage to get a Korean Video I was watching to work, doing that :slight_smile:

Traitement de : mock2.jpg…

Jesus, why isn’t my mockup picture displayed… what am I doing wrong here x’3

Same problem here…Admin please fix it

Same problem here. I’m paying for this for over 13 months. Please fix it

La app tiene problema con algunos videos en youtube, posiblemente por que estos no tienen en su configuracion las especificaciones que solicita la app para poder cargar los subtitulos. Favor desarrolladores den alguna luz a los que estamos fustrados por no poder usar libremente la app con todos los videos y contenidos de youtube.