YouTube only says "loading subtitles" ... forever...

I just paid for the Pro subscription, and now I can’t even use it on YouTube. I tried tips from other forum posts, including signing out of YouTube and trying it that way – still, just “loading subtitles. Please wait.” For the entire video. Should I just cancel Pro?


I have the same problem… now the LLY button acting up and now that,
what fresh hell is this? HALP! x’3

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I meet same problem. How can we solve it? :sob:

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Me too. Happend like 5 days ago

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It worked the second after I posted my reply… Confusing… Maybe just turn it on and off randomly and prey…

Edit: it worked for only one video. Not working again


I went to the extension management page, disabled the extension and enabled it again, and now it’s working well

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it’s not working for me

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I have the same problem. Reinstalling the plugin didn’t help…

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It worked with a video in English, but didn’t work with other videos in Russian… what the… I don’t get it :confused:

Here’s the error’s stack trace from the Google Developer tools

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Oh! I think I might have solved it… Try toggle the youtube subtitles from the one you’re using to another and back to the want you use… I don’t know if it will last but it worked for me :slight_smile:
Derp around with the “force original subtitles” on LR’s setting back and forth, I did that too :slight_smile: Cheers my Turtle-people :wink:Traitement de : mock2.jpg…

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Yeah none of this has worked for me. No word from the company that developed this extension, to whom I gave money for the Pro version. I feel dumb for giving them my money now. Damn.

@kirianguiller Please take a look

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Now I can’t even figure out how to stop getting updates to this question I gave up on. Lol.

after fiddling with all that, try to click on the URL and type return to refresh, I manage to get a Korean Video I was watching to work, doing that :slight_smile:

Traitement de : mock2.jpg…

Jesus, why isn’t my mockup picture displayed… what am I doing wrong here x’3

Same problem here…Admin please fix it

Same problem here. I’m paying for this for over 13 months. Please fix it