“Loading Subtitles, please wait…”

Almost all Spanish content on Netflix is not working. The subtitles never load. La Niña works and that’s about it. The subs for English content load fine.

After installing the plug-in on my Windows laptop today and trying to get it to work for an hour, I installed it on my Mac desktop and have the exact same problem where the only Spanish series that loads subtitles is La Niña.

Unless my router is blocking certain subtitles, which it’s not because they come up when I turn the plug-in off, the problem is not on my end.


Do you still have the problem ? If yes, can you send us the link of the video please ?

Muchas gracias :slight_smile:

Yes. Here’s a link to The Platform Watch The Platform | Netflix Official Site

Language Reactor did not load subtitles on Windows or MacOS, but the firefox addon “Netflix Binlingual Subtitles” loaded them fine.

I’m also having this problem (specifically on Elite S4E5). Happy to help debug in any way I can. Thanks!

I can see the subtitles with no problem.

Audio+Subtitles in Spanish.

I am having the same exact problem. The subtitles will not load for any Spanish film/show on Netflix regardless of how long I wait. I tried to get the subtitles for Elite to work and I left it to load for several hours and they never did.

I was able to fix my problem – I needed to opt-out of netflix tests.

(I had done this previously, but somehow I got opted back in!)

Good luck all!

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this fixed my problem! thank you so much!!!

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awesome, glad it helped!