Language reactor not working on youtube

LR on my youtube not working now. Are you guys doing maintenance again?


Same! I even reinstalled the extension, but it still not appear the icon.

Same here. I need it for my task ㅠㅠ

I had this problem earlier today, but just now I turned off Enhancer for YouTube™ 2.0.113, [Language reactor] starts to work now. Hope this can help you

Nope, I did turn off all the other extensions, but it did not help.

turn off these extensions and relaunch your chrome, if it is still not working , I guess I have no idea about this , I just fixed this problem several minutes ago, and it is still working

now it doesn’t work again

The bug has been fixed.
If you still don’t see it, please remove the extension and re-add it to your chrome - link


Thank you very much, everything is working well now