Learning Swedish - SVT materials?

Hi all,

In my opinion the LR is almost a perfect language learning platform, big thanks and congratulations to the team! :clap: :+1: :raised_hands:

I am going to recommend it to all the community of Swedish learners in my social circle. It took some time for me to discover all the great features LR offers and I am sorry now that I thought it was just one another mediocre platform that will get me interested for a few days and then forget about it.

I am trying for years to get myself engaged regularly with language learning but whatever I tried there was something missing and hard to keep me in. Different apps had some glimpse of interesting approaches and features, but there was always something missing.

Here I have a clear goal in progressing in the list of the most common words, where I get nice examples of sentences for each word, that can also be saved for later repeat. Phrase pump is excellent for further practicing, plus the chat bots for the practising realistic dialogs. And at the end, watching Netflix is a perfect complementary activity to add additional frictionless hours of learning while relaxing.
You have made a perfect beast, thank you for such a brilliant work!

I would like to hear from other members their experiences and tips in language (Swedish) learning.
It would be perfect if LR would allow access to SVT movies and documentaries! There is plenty of interesting materials there and there are also some apps such as Reading Coach, but it seems SVT does not allow anymore access to their data to such apps. If LR would get such access, it would be the killing feature and end of the game in this domain! It would be hard even to imagine that something better could appear.

Well done, guys! Keep going!