Learning the translated subtitles. Highlighting and marking the words in the translated subs.

I am to learn the language that is machine translated.

I am trying to learn Polish from a Netflix show that only has English audio and subtitles.
On the LanguageReactor settings, “Language I am learning” is set to Polish and the translation is set to English.

On Netflix, I am unable to highlight and mark the translated subtitles, only the original Netflix subtitles.

The show is Better Call Saul on Netflix.
Original audio and subtitles are only available in English, the language I know.
On LanguageReactor’s interface, I am only able to mark words from the original subtitles(English), not the Polish translation(the language I am learning).
LanguageReactor works as intended on Netflix shows that have Polish subtitles.

It’s one of my favorite shows, and love rewatching it.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: ,
– Ian