Highlight words in the language you're learning

Hi, how can I highlight words in the language that I am trying to learn?

Right now, this app/extension highlights words from the original subtitles.

My case: I can speak English, I want to learn Norwegian.
Language Reactor highlights words in English and I can only calibrate the level of comprehence for English… A language I already can speak fluently…

Am I missing something or is this function absolutely useless?

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I think i might be able to help you ! So if you’re target language is Norwegian, you must watch a movie/serie which the language is set to Norwegian. Then you first put the language of subtitles in Norwegian and thanks to this app, you can add the English subtitles. If you do so, you will be able to highlight words of Norwegian and have the second subtitles in your native language.

(Here is the explanation : Language Reactor)

(For you’re exemple (on the Office) : Put the Norwegian language for the audio, then on the settings on netflix put the Norwegian subtitles (if they don’t have normally you can have the “ASR” feature) and after, in the setting of LR you can put your native language)

If you didn’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask again

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Thanks a lot! /closed

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