LR doesn't work with long YT videos

When playing a yt video that is like 1h long, the extension tries to work, but then the page freezes so it can’t be used, with shorter videos that are 5-20 min long it works fine. I have tried disabling all extensions and enabling them 1 by 1 and found that this one causes problems. Thanks in advance

Hello @Alexandergape ,

Could you send me a link of the video of 1h that freeze for you please ? So I can try debugging on the same elements as you.

And what language source and translation do you use?


Thanks for replying.
This is the video: Web Scraping with Python - Beautiful Soup Crash Course - YouTube
source language: English
translation: Spanish

It works fine here on my browser. Can you hard refresh (ctrl + R), try again, and let us know if it’s working or not please ?

Thank you

Sorry for the delay, actually I already did it, and it’s the same thing, maybe it’s a problem with my OS or browser then, I’m using Arch Linux, and brave version v1.40.105-1.
I also deleted cache and history.

Thanks for your help !

Can I ask you what do you mean exactly by “the page freezes”? Is it not working after a while ? Is it on page load ?

Thanks !

When i login Youtube with my account which has channel, the extension goes wrong, but with the account having no channel, it is ok :frowning:

Now I have brave 1.40.107-1. The page just stops working, practically when the page is fully loaded, I can’t do anything, then brave notifies me that the page is unresponsive, so I have to exit the page. I tried it several times and it’s still the same, sometimes the pointer doesn’t even appear.