Native Arabic Dialect Shows Translating Saved Phrases in MSA

I’m learning Arabic Dialect and watching native Arabic dialect shows (On youtube in this case)
When I save a phrase or word, on the right pop out column, it saves the phrase properly, and the audio is the native audio from the show, but when I go into the LR “saved items” area, it switches the audio to translated MSA (formal Arabic used in media) and not the native audio in the original dialect!

-I can’t provide a webpage, since it’s in my account backend settings.
-I’m in the US.

I want to be able to save the phrases EXACTLY as they are spoken in the original show!
When I switch the positions of English and Arabic subtitiles, it translates the audio into English.

I don’t see a possibility of saving the phrases exactly as spoken in the show no matter what configuration I use.