Netflix audio is not saved

Hey guys,

When I save a sentence on Netflix for later study, the audio is not recorded. So, when I listen back to the sentences from Saved Phrases, I can only hear the AI audio. Any suggestions?

I use Netflix from Hungary and I study Thai.

Is anybody else having this issue, or I’m the only one?

I’m having the same issues. However, occasionally, real voices are being saved.

Very occasionally, yes, but until like a week ago it worked seamlessly with every single sentence…
Thank you for your feedback!

I’m having the same problem yes :sob:

I am having same issue, in my opinion it was the best feature should be fixed.

Same thing, notice today when i wanted to make compilation audio with native sounds and its almost all AI, i came now to make topic what makes it random that some saved sentences have voice from the movies and some have the AI sound.

I kept saving sentences, hoping that the feature might work again one day… And all the sudden it did, so I re-saved all the starred phrases and managed to fetch the audio for all of them.
I hope it’ll keep working and gets fixed for you guys too…

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