Need alternative netflix bookmarker timestamp

Anyone know an alternative program/extension that allows bookmarking of times/subtitles LLN has but isn’t locked behind an absurd pay wall?

Seriously can’t see myself paying 8 dollars a month just to use this feature.

LLN has a potential for improvement and is under development. And LLY is in Beta. But I strongly doubt that there are any Chrome extensions for us language learners, free or paid, that are easier to use to select, show or hide subtitles, transliterations while streaming movies from Netflix. Obtaining and adjusting subtitles on your own is not as quick as you would like. I have not currently paid membership. But I still have access to the list of subtitles (which you call bookmarks?). There are probably no time indications associated with them, but if I remember correctly, there are no time indications in the paid version either. If you work with downloaded files I would recommend GOM player. You will have to work on getting subtitles, but it is also free in the first place. Sorry if I misunderstood your message.