No German to english translations so far in beta reader mode

i want to read german articles in the reader mode , but whenver i go and paste the article in the reader mode it says that German to English translation is not availabe yet . could you please look into this ?

Hey, We discussed this topic on this thread:

HI. I have the same problem as aliraza. I use the Reader Mode with German to English translation. Most of the time I get this message: “Translation from German to English is not supported currently. :(”.
But the interesting thing is that the problem is intermittent, that is, sometimes the translation works fine for a few days, then it stops working and shows that message.

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Update. It seems to work though when I use the import page function:

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Thanks for Sharing this Information

Unfortunately today the translation has stopped working again. Posted the details here: Reader mode - #28 by rares_c

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Yes , its like it works one day but doesnt work the other day. please fix this issue , it has been going on for quite sometime.we are paying for the premium features atleast we expect them to work right.

Ah. I am happy that someone is using the feature. :slight_smile: The features marked ‘Beta’ still have issues and are under development, but we allow users to access them already.

The problem is our translation server was offline. Translations for text mode and TurtleTV are done on our own servers. I had to move the machines 1000km and they are still not fully stable yet (need to set up the backup internet connection). In about a week you shouldn’t have any further problems. Translation quality will also be improved a lot in the next months.

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oh i did’nt know about that . Its ok , ill wait once its fully functionall and out of the Beta mode. This feature is worth the wait.

That is very good to hear. Thank you !
For me at least, the Reader Mode is the Top Feature from Language Reactor, so I hope it will become fully sustained soon. I’ve tried many other online readers and translators but I find this one just give you so many features and is just easy to use. It accelerated my learning quite a lot.

Thanks for your information
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