[POSSIBLE FEATURE REQUEST] How do I force the **Translation Language** subtitles to appear?

Hope this finds you well, Language Reactor Developers and fellow users.

Is there a way to force the subtitles for the Translation Language to come out? Right now, they are dependent on the Netflix subtitle language and would only come out if there is a subtitle for the Netflix subtitle language. This would be really useful for forced narratives (e.g. lower-third graphics), dynamic subtitles, and practical text (e.g. newspaper headlines).

Here is a screenrecording of what I mean:

Thank you for your time!

Hey, We are always working on improving and adding new features.
At the moment, we have no exact time for supporting subtitles edit, etc, but we will keep it on our minds. That’s a good idea :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Thanks for getting back to me, @Hofit_Nagar. In the meantime, I’ll just switch the two:

I’ll lose the furigana which can sharpen my Kanji-reading skills. We’ll see! :nerd_face:

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