Purple playback icon in "Saved" tab

Hi, since about 2 days, the playback icon in the “Saved” tab changed color from blue to purple. Before, pressing this button would play audio and video but now it only plays audio. Video doesn’t change. For me it’s a significant problem because I learn by saving sentences that I don’t understand and then randomly review them over a period of time, using the “Saved” tab.

So, this change in functionality, is it a bug or a feature I don’t know about?

Btw I’m using LLN for quite some time and it’s best language learning tool I ever used. Thanks for making and maintaining it!

Hi :slight_smile:
Still works, but with right click. Not sure how to show this in the UI, trying to think of something…

oh, indeed. Is there (or would there be) a setting to make it work the previous way i.e. with left-click? I’m on laptop and performing a right-click with touchpad is a bit tedious (I need to tap with two fingers and sometimes I miss :sweat_smile:)