LR Netflix: Clicking on a saved sentence doesn't take me to where that sentence was said?

I think this needs to be changed, considering it’s a Pro feature.

When I click on a saved sentence, it plays the audio, but it does start playing the video where that sentence was said. Considering the saved sentences will often be used to make SRS cards, clicking on them should move the playhead to the time that sentence was said so you can take a screenshot of the scene, or an audio recording, or even a short clip.

Definitely should be considered IMO,


I don’t see the problem / can’t understand what you are specifically having issues with? What site did you expect this to work on? When I do this on youtube, it brings me to the point in the video where that subtitle is said.

As I said in the title, on Netflix.

The problem is that say I’m watching something and I save a sentence, let’s say that sentence is at the 12:53 mark. I continue watching to the end but now I want to make a flash card from that saved sentence and also take of screenshot from when that sentence was said. So I go to the ‘saved’ tab, click on the sentence and nothing happens. I want it to take me back to 12:53 when the sentence was said. Instead, there’s only the option to play the audio of that sentence and a tiny thumbnail of the scene pops up. So in order to get a screenshot from that 12:53 sentence, I have to manually search for when that sentence was said, and it’s even harder because there’s no time stamp.

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Why don’t you use the export feature to make flashcards? Or maybe I have not understood you.

Because I prefer to make my own!