exporting saved lines

Hey everyone,

I planned on using LLN in conjunction with a website called Kitsun to make sentence cards.
currently, I’m copying the lines into kitsun and with a screenshot of the particular scene.

I was wondering if it also would be possible to export the audio as well. That way I would have visual and audio cues for my cards.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Export as “Anki + CSV” and you’ll get a .csv file with all the subtitles (and some other useful information), Images, and sound files. All tied up in a nice little zip file.

Here’s a vid showing how:

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thank you for your reply!

unfortunately, I’m getting an error message. is there maybe another way to watch this video?

The link does not bring me to you tutorial yet. Thx anyway!

Please try this one:

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Sorry! Try the new link that I posted below.