importing images and audio


As a Japanese learner I got super exited when a message popped up on my screen saying that from now on I’d be able to import audio and images to my Anki deck. I’ve just tried to so but got neither audio nor images.

Could it be that I have to change something in my settings to make that work? I’m looking forward to hearing from you


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Where you exporting older saved items? Stuff saved in the last three weeks +/- should have the extra media…

Ah, so I’m betting you didn’t import the media into the Anki folder? The instuctions weren’t great about explaining this part, but I just updated them: . :slight_smile:

Someone else has already pointed out that you need to have any media - audio, images but video also possible! in the Anki folder.
I use to ingest Netflix and other video where I use the available subtitles in Japanese and English to generate cards with video clips embedded. subs2srs automates the process such that I can set up Anki Notes for an entire move in less than 15 minutes end to end, with hundreds of Notes with embedded video clips.
Works for any language combination.


Would be interesting, but Netflix videos are DRMed and extracting clips would not really be feasible. Youtube, um, well, potentially could be done, but tricky, and working with video data is very demanding in terms of resources. :-/

See here, all you should need. Once set up this is quick and is not a drain on resources…

Eek. It for sure would be bety Nice to have real video clips from Netflix. But according to the text flixgrab is not recommended. “The first step here is of course that you need to find a way to download those Netflix videos. To be honest I’ve yet to find a good way to do this… I doubt one exists given the legal gray-area, but for what it’s worth I’ve so far only managed to do this with the flixgrab program (only available for Windows). I wouldn’t recommend you pay for it actually, since it seems rather shady, but the free” Are there any alternativer. Audiograbbing without video, might also be an improvment. So far It all looks timeconsuming to me. Any suggestions Mr Eek. :thinking::blush:

Hi oefu, how shady or not this is is not for me to judge, but it works. The free version of flixgrab is fine. It’s limited to lower resolution but for language learning this is not an issue as we’re only looking for language in context. I typically generate cards for dramas or movies I’ve already watched so when I view the Notes in Anki I know the context. By the way, this is not limited to Netflix. Once you have video (or audio) and the associated subtitle files Subs2srs will automatically generate individual notes linked to the associated video clips. Last night for example I generated 178 notes for an episode of a drama. It took about 15 minutes. When I review the notes I will find many where I already know the vocab, grammar or colloquialism so I just delete the Note and move on. I will generally be left with 30-40 Notes I keep.

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Thank you very much. Your information might become very userfull for my mandarin learing!