Hola, buen día. ¿Comó puedo enlazar Anki con LLN?.

I don’t speak Spanish, sorry.

If you are a paid Pro subscriber, you can go to ‘Saved Items’ at the top of the side bar and then click the button to Export to Anki.

You then need to use the ‘Import File’ option in Anki desktop.

I hope that has helped at all!

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Hey, quick question:

What format does this “Saved Items” feature save them as and does it just pull the native language sentence or does it also pull the translation, screen shot, audio clip, etc?

It generates flashcards in different formats, with translations. No screenshots and audio at the moment though.

I would suggest a youtube channel called mattvsJapan, in his last video he talks about using this feature with the anki, I recommend for you check this out. (His channel is about learn japanese, but currently he is helping people who is learning another language as well).

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