Reactor Movies on Netflix Show UI3003 Error

I just downloaded this extension and am using it in Chrome with Netflix. I am trying to choose a movie from your list, but none of them owrk. They all tell me they are not available in my country (USA, which I preselected), and give me a UI3003 error.

Why is this happening?

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Hello Michelle, it’s happening because since we gathered the information of which content is availble in which countries, netflix made a lot of change. We will need to re gather all of these data. We will do this soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience !


Thank you very much! I am looking forward to using this for Netflix and YouTube.

You’re welcome.

But you can already use the extension on Youtube and Netflix. If you have your extension enabled, just go directly on one of the website and enjoy the features :slight_smile:

When LR’s catalog is out of date, you can usually use’s advanced search – search for your target language’s audio (original language) and subtitles (original language) and choose your country, and it should provide a similar result.


Nice resource!!! Thanks :slight_smile: