Regarding the impact of modifying tlang in the payload

  • (It happens to all YouTube videos)
  • Taiwan
  • I select English subtitles for YouTube videos, set the language reactor subtitles to English, choose Traditional Chinese for the translation language, and enable the display of machine translation.

Hi Language Reactor Team,

YouTube has a long-standing issue with the display of Traditional Chinese subtitles, where all Traditional Chinese subtitles are placed at the very beginning of the timeline, I am compelled to use another Chrome extension. This extension intercepts the YouTube subtitle timeline request (…), changes the tlang in the payload to Simplified Chinese (zh-Hant → zh-Hans), obtains the correct timing subtitles, and then converts the Simplified Chinese subtitles in the response to Traditional Chinese. Up to this point, everything works fine.

However, I also want to use Language Reactor to display dual subtitles. When running independently, there is no issue. But after adding the aforementioned request modification, even if I select Traditional Chinese subtitles in Language Reactor, the second subtitle still shows Simplified Chinese.

Could you provide me with more technical details about Language Reactor to help me resolve this issue?

Thank you.