Request: ability to export Anki flashcards with Kanji readings

Currently: All Anki flashcards from the CSV export are hiragana only, which at my current stage of learning Japanese are much harder / less helpful to read than the Kanji. (example of a current flashcard pasted below)

Feature Request:

  • The Anki flashcard export CSV should include kanji in the flashcard.
  • It makes sense to keep hiragana-only sentences as well for users who don’t yet know the kanji. The hiragana-only sentence could be on the flashcard below the kanji sentence.

For users who have finished a book like Remembering the Kanji & are now able to recognize the 2,300+ kanji associated with an English word for each, the next step is trying to expand vocabulary by seeing the various kanji used in context & in compound words. Happy Language Reactor subscriber, but the current Anki export is pretty much unusable for Japanese without kanji. Appreciate if this improvement can be supported in the future!

Example current CSV format which is hiragana only:

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. S1:E6 Episode 6
くすのきつよし {{c1::なやみ}}ないやつこんなところ くる
People without problems don't come here.
" [sound:1637042461043.mp3] "word-naked lang-ja netflix Green noun " "