export option

Hey there! Just purchased premium, and was hoping I could figure out a decent way to hack the anki export support to work with the export format (documented here: Mochi — Spaced repetition made easy), but unfortunately it looks like the only way to do that would be to write a translation program that would do something along the lines of:

  1. unzip the files
  2. translate the csv file to their json/edn format (if I was doing it I’d probably use json), including rewriting media references
  3. zip it up and call it a .mochi file

I could do this myself but it would take a bit of time, and since you have ~5 different exporters implemented I imagine you have a decent place for this kind of thing.

If your code is in a github organization/in a language I know I’d be happy to write the code myself if you didn’t mind giving me access. That way you’ll have another exporter, and I can write a simpler exporter directly from the source of truth instead of translating from one exported format to another.