Does anybody have an anki Note Type Card

Does anybody have an anki note type card for exporting the .csv files that LLN gives you into anki?

I’m pretty sure they are designed to be used with the “Cloze” preset that comes with anki and that’s all that the anki + media export supports right now.

Naw, there is an option to export as a .csv, so you can import to anki using a custom note type. But the devs didn’t provide a note type. I created one. Here it is:


Nice… I’ll put a link to this in the instructions.

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Hey, I’m trying your template but I can’t seem to get it to work right.
Is there anything from the importing options I should be modifying as well?

So far I’m not getting any audio + images. I’m assuming the media is supposed to be pasted in the folder, right?