Export for anki doesn't work on Language Reactor?

I started to use Language Reactor today and tried to export for Anki cards.
However, it doesn’t work well.
I’d like to tell me how to import exported “.csv” from Language Reactor to Anki.

Anki version:⁨ 2.1.47 (dc156f34)⁩
OS: Windows

It does work, but it’'s not exactly straight forward. I think it works if you use the option for just “Anki” and then drag the media into anki’s media folder, then use a custom template card on Ankiweb. Let me know if you need more tips, but it takes a lot of experimentation.


Hi! How are you. My English is not that good so excuse me. I am trying to import the Netflix vocabulary with audio and images through language reactor to anki and I have spent all day but I have not succeeded. That is to say, in the Anki cards the text appears but not the audios and images. The collection.media folder is at Library / Application Support / Anki2. I tried to rename it as a page told me to do but I didn’t succeed. Could you give me more indications of how you did it? I really feel frustrated. Thanks

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Thank you so much for letting me know, and I’m so sorry too late replying.
Finally, my Anki cards can proper work because of you!!:blush:

@Martha_Lucia_Olaya I found a workaround for Windows users.

  1. Type %appdata% into your Windows search and hit enter
  2. Open your “Anki2” folder
  3. Open your Anki account name e.g “User1”
  4. Open the “collection.media” folder
  5. Drag and drop your exported Anki content (after you exported the zip) into this folder
  6. Sync your Anki Account. Done.

Is there any guidelines for Mac?