ANKI (type in Answer)

Hello everyone! I knew that LLN taught us how to import our saved items to our ANKI. However, I’m just wondering that whether or not we can use other ‘types’ to improve our learning effectiveness. Would it be possible to use ‘type in answer’ rather than ‘cloze’? Thank you so much!!

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for as well !

I agree, I would like to remove the translation from the front of the cards completely, but there’s currently no clear way to do it with cloze cards. Perhaps adding a classname to the translation css would allow us to set the display to none if we would like

As a quick follow up, the closest I could get to full control was using the Anki+CSV option and this custom deck:

Wow! This one is great! Though I still cannot ‘type in answer’. It still can be used for other vocabulary bank! Thank you for your sharing~

Recently, I tried to export my ANKI file to an excel file from LR first. Then, I import the file into the ‘type in answer’ file. However, the audio doesn’t work at all (It’s normal, but it would be better if we can have audio…)