My anki deck doesn't show the cloze card type

I’m trying to add the words of lln into my anki but I just can’t do it. The type of card ‘‘cloze’’ doesn’t appear on the app. What do I do?

Can you include a screenshot of your deck options?

Mine include the card type of “cloze” when I click Add → [Current Card “Type”]:

Picture Examples of How I Get to the Cloze Card Type

Capturar.PNG aaa

The are a bunch of others but not this one hahahaha

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Capturar.PNG aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Edit: So I did some experimenting (clicking around Anki) and think this might work!:

  1. Start from the Add section on Anki and click on the card type:
  1. Then click Manage:

  1. You Should the Note Types window popup. Click Add:

  1. Click Add: Cloze and I think you’ll be good to go:

Let me know if it works. Good Luck!

Thanks for the screenshots @Matt1!

I’ll try to Google around a bit to find the info (unless another LR/Anki learner chimes in on this topic), but since it might take me a while:

Here is a link to the Anki Forum I found:

Looking around there or posting in the forum might get you answers faster from more experienced users.

I’ll take a look around and try and get back to you! :slightly_smiling_face: