Anki cards customizaion.

Hello, I’m writing coz i’m a bit confused after reading forum. Is there anyway to customize how cards look or just the Clozer option is possible? I’d like to make which looks like that:
Basic+reversed type

  1. Front: Foreign word
  2. Back: Foreign word in my native language
  3. Once I click show answer I’d like to hear the voice saying that word, example in sentence, preferably possibility to add more examples and some other useful things, like definition of the word in learning language. I’d rly like to see the card twice, in 2 languages.
    Is this possible and I can’t see it or I’ll have to wait for further improvements? By the way, amazing job with this extension :slight_smile:
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I recommend you install the add-on Awesome TTS in Anki. You can use it to add audios in bulk in any language to your cards