request for color coding grammatical cases and tones into the font

Hello, I am currently learning a couple of languages, and two aspects I struggle with greatly are grammatical cases in European languages, or tones in several asian languages. In particular, I am interested in Russian and Chinese, but I think overall this would be a useful feature for any language. one of your rival apps encodes this information into the subtites for a language that is not tonal, but merely includes the tones to assist with natural sounding pronunciation.

if this information could be color coded as an option in the subtitles, that would greatly enhance my ability to recall and possibly over time and help crystallize what I have already learned. this information is available in dictionaries, so I believe it would be fairly easy to code. I believe this feature would be of use to many others as well, given that these two aspects are particularly notorious for causing problems for many people.

Thank you for your time.

I would consider looking into Migaku. It supports tone/pitch dictionaries especially well for Chinese and Japanese.

Thank you CPUb0t, yes I am aware of Migaku. Unfortunately it is not in a functional state for most people, including me. Nonfunctional as in they cannot even get subtitle timing to work correctly for some reason. Also it doesn’t support some of the languages I am focusing on, such as Russian.

I am excited that LR will soon roll out an auto-audio capture function for creating anki cards. This makes LR very nearly perfect for me, but as mentioned, a little extra help regarding tones and grammatical cases would really just make it an ideal app, especially as I will soon progress onto fairly minor languages like Czech and Vietnamese which are unlikely to be supported by other apps.