Request for Resolution of Subscription Issue

I am writing to address an issue with my subscription. After securing a one-year membership, I canceled the automatic renewal to avoid future charges. However, I have been unable to access the full benefits of my annual subscription. For instance, I am prompted to resubscribe in order to save words, despite having already paid for a year of service.

Furthermore, I recently purchased a one-month subscription, expecting it to add on to my existing annual subscription. Instead, my account only reflects a one-month membership. As a result, I have incurred a cost for an annual subscription that I have not been able to utilize.

It appears there may be a glitch within the program’s interface that has led to this predicament. I kindly request your assistance in rectifying this matter and ensuring that I receive the full benefits of my one-year subscription.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.

Best regards,
İzzet Akarsu