Persistent Technical Issues Impacting Subscription Experience

I hope this message finds you well. I recently subscribed to your service, and I’m excited to start using it. However, I’ve encountered some technical issues that seem to be related to programming errors.

In many videos, I consistently encounter the following error message: “Language Reactor Error: Failed to retrieve linguistic data: undefined Lang: en”. This issue is hindering my experience and making it challenging to fully benefit from the subscription.

I value the service you provide, but if these problems are not resolved promptly, I’m considering canceling my subscription. The initial cost already seemed high, and with these persistent errors, it becomes less justifiable. These technical issues make the subscription even more costly, as I can’t enjoy the full benefits as initially anticipated.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and hope for a swift resolution.

Hi @Harrison_Avella,

I highly recommend you email LR with this problem. They may be able to respond more quickly than through the forum for this, especially since it’s preventing you from enjoying the full benefits of their subscription:

languagelearningextension [at] gmail [dot] com

(Replace bracketed text with their corresponding characters and remove extra spaces.)

I hope they respond quickly and are able to address your concerns!