Shoutout to the dev team !

I had just cancelled my language w netflix account just last week. not because of the product. In fact, during my netflix days, this was by far one of the best extensions I had ever tried through chrome, and by far the best value for any subscription based service I owned. I ultimately cancelled due to a personal decision to cut Netflix out of my personal life.
Just today I logged into my youtube and saw the all to familiar interface of language w netflix surrounding one of my favorite channels. I’m so happy to see a dev team that is constantly expanding and providing new value to its customers and am back aboard the new Language Reactor train.
Thank you guys for all that you’re doing with the app and for re-converting another happy customer =)

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Thanks for the support. :slight_smile: Yeah, I hear you. Now that we got the new site running, we’ll start adding new features and ideas to the TODO list.