[SOLVED] Some support please?

Hi guys. I bought LR Pro specifically so I can use the Anki functionality, but it does not seem to be working. I initially got some response from one of the developers on this thread, but the line has since gone cold: Anki Export / Import - #3 by Zachary_Gottlieb

Could an LR dev please respond to this thread so I can find out. what’s going on?


p.s. If you don’t offer email support (I cannot find this), then I think it’s important to be responsive in this forum! Thank you!


i have a question, how to contact the developer…?

Seems there is no way

Hey, I replied to you in the first thread you opened :

Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply.

So, @Zachary_Gottlieb , I've checked the video, and it seems that your anki import settings are wrong.

Below is a screenshot of the help explanation we provide. Be sure to : 
- Select the CLOZE card type
- Select the Tab field seperator (and not Space !)
- check the Allow HTML in fields

For these three settings, it was wrong in the video I saw

Can you try again and let me know if it words ? If not, please send again a video, or let's arrange a screen sharing meeting :) 

Have a good day !