Subscription Modal on top of the video won't close

I was playing this video and wanted to try your application: Wer ist schuld am Klimawandel? - Wer muss jetzt handeln? - YouTube
Country: Germany
I have a free user account, and when you click right-click on the word in a video, this modal is displayed, but the close button doesn’t function. And you need to refresh the page. I am using the Brave browser.

Also would like to ask here if there is an option for the font size of the subtitles. I would like to have the option to make subtitles larger.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, sorry about the issue, but I couldn’t reproduce this in Brave browser & YouTube - X button works fine here. Also, your subtitles are strangely small, do you have e.g. a very high screen resolution? You can change the font size in the settings (last setting):

Also, could you tell me what your operating system is? If you have any other extensions installed, could you try disabling them, to see if that fixes the issue? Thanks

Hi, I also had an issue with this on the Chrome browser on the PopOS Operation system. I don’t know if that was the issue or if maybe the Brave browser uses flatpak, and also I run that on PopOS. Yes, I have a 4k monitor, but I tried the same video on the Vivaldi browser on EndevourOS, and as you said, the X worked perfectly, plus subtitles looked normal on the same monitor. Maybe it’s something with flatpak version of Brave browser. I will investigate more and let you know. For now, I will use it on other browsers. It’s not a problem. Thank you very much for your quick response.