Subtitle list view moved on youtube

I’m not sure how to tag this…
There seems to have been an update(?) where the subtitle list view no longer appears to the right of the video while in theater mode or fullscreen on youtube.

At first I thought it just wasn’t loading until I scrolled down. At any rate, this change definitely makes the sub list less functional than before imho.

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I used my LR side subtitles on YouTube normally this morning and didn’t have the issue you are experiencing in this screenshot.

Let me check now.

This would be a #bug category rather than #request

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Yes, for me the bar shows up outside of the video (where it shouldn’t be) rather than below your video like you show @YahoodieXx :

Note: This is a normal view of it outside of fullscreen mode.

It doesn’t show up at all in full screen:

Note: This is how it shouldn’t look in fullscreen mode when the side subtitles menu is selected (a.k.a. selected as viewable/unhidden).

This morning it was working fine.

It should show up to the right in full-screen mode, but it’s not.

Seems like it might be LR/how LR is interacting with YouTube in the browser, but I’m not sure.

Can you move this thread to the #bug category, so it’s more likely to be seen?

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This is just now appearing normally for me (like it was before this #bug happened):

Subtitle Bar — Full Screen:

Subtitle Bar — Out of full Screen (to be fair this never changed for me):

Give it some time in case it’s slow to update for everyone, but, it may be fixed now.

I wanted to give the heads up.

Working for me as well.

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