Subtitles cutting off in the wrong place

Learning Spanish from English

Language reactor generates subtitles of both target language and in English, but the sentences cut off at weird places that makes the sentences incomplete and mixing up together.
It is very hard to read and I can’t save the sentences because it’s incomplete so it is not usable to study.
There’s another function of generating subtitles in both languages side by side, and now, because of the incomplete sentences cutting at wrong places, this function is useless now

Is anyone else facing this same problem ?

Does LR has a way of resolving this? I thought the primary function of language reactor is the subtitles…

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LR isn’t generating the subtitles Ash, it merely takes those uploaded on Youtube with their corresponding video. The problem comes from the person who did the subtitles and well… kinda botched them :frowning: It’s a drag I know, I generally just download the video and subs and redo them if the video ain’t too long and run them both in the beta video function of LR. it would be nice if there was a way to upload a version of the subs that would be tweaked in term of time to make each sentence actually sync with pronunciation and text… that you could maybe directly tweak in-browser and save then, either for everyone or by account I dunno (spitballing here)… for now on I propose we could maybe have a repository somewhere done by people tweaking the videos (like me) they use so they are properly synched? So at least it wouldn’t be done just for ourselves but other people that might use them so we’ll help each other out? What do you Guys think? :slight_smile:

Yeah, this is annoying and is an issue with the subtitles.
It’s up to you how much time is it worth to spend formatting