Suggestion: 'Alternate' Toggle Auto Pause

I’m currently learning mandarin Chinese, and as I mostly consume dubbed content (decent original Chinese content is lacking), the audio and subs don’t match 99% of the time.

What I’m currently doing, also considering that listening comprehension is extremely difficult for Chinese, is manually pausing Netflix AS SOON as the subtitle appears, then read the subtitle, and then simply press play on Netflix again (and use the just-read subtitle to get a better grasp on the dubbed audio).

Regardless of whether the audio matches the subtitles or not, I’m confident that having a toggle switch that automatically pauses the video as soon as the subtitle pops up (allowing you to first read the subtitle before pressing ‘Play’ or ‘S’ and diving in the audio) would be useful tool to have in your arsenal.

PS: On a side note, amazing work on this extension. It has completely changed my learning experience.