Delay subtitles

Hi, I really love LLN, it’s so perfect. For now, I’m learning English and I find the way to learning English better (for listening) is to delay subtitles to focus on what is people say.
So I want to you guys help me create an option for delay subtitles maybe in seconds.
And If you need any help I’m so excited about it, because I’m a developer I can help you do it


This is not what you asked for, but there is an option to hide both the subtitle and the translation in the settings. Then you can over the subtitles or press e to show it. Press e another time to show the translation.

Using that you can first practice and try to hear it, if you can not, then show the subtitles. However, this basically requires you to have the auto-pause feature on or keep rewinding, otherwise the subtitle is gone by the time you decide you want to read it.

A manual way to time change subtitle timing might be a nice feature anyway. Both for the way you want to watch and learn, but also for those times when the subtitles are out of sync with the video. Never seen them be out of sync on Netflix, but it happens occasionally on youtube.