is it possible to delay the display of subtitle for 0.5 sec?

is it possible to delay the display of subtitle for 0.5 sec?

Hi Support, Recently, I’ve read a study about English learning. It mentions that English is a kind of “Listening” language. And the author recommend the learners to focus more on listening. I’m wondering if any coming feature in Pro version will provide this kind of service. I mean if the subtitle is showing up for 0.5 seconds delay, that would help learners concentrate on listening rather than looking for word by word in the coming subtitle. Please take it into the consideration in the future roadmap. Thanks,


I agree with Pin Yu with this function
It’s will be more focused for the learner while learning the new language by listening to it first the recheck the actual meaning with the subtitle later, I hope the team will consider it in the future
And thank you so much for the great learning app I’ve ever known

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I would LOVE to use this feature!

Another suggestion related to this would be to also allow delay the subtitles to disappear after (given no other subtitle should be shown). that would make it possible for beginner to spend more time looking at the words without having to pause it, especially in cases where they speak fast. So perhaps allow ± x.x seconds both before and after. Thanks