Feature request: showing hidden translations

Just starting a new language and I like to use the automatic pauses and see the target language subtitles with the hidden translation below. But rolling over is an extra step… so possibly:

  • add a shortcut/key to unhide the translation - just like I use spacebar to Play/Pause… something else to hide/unhide or
  • have a time (seconds) setting next to Hide Translation for when they are made visible - to give me a chance at understanding the target subtitles first

Actually, “time to” play/reveal could be useful in general. So instead of just Auto Pause, maybe again have Auto Pause with configurable wait seconds - so the next subtitle automatically shows after that time or after you press the spacebar.

Given the above then: I would see the target language subtitle, see the translation after a few seconds, then move on to the next subtitle - all without my intervention. This would give me more of a viewing experience than manually start/stopping, and unhiding.

Thanks for considering this!