Feature Request: Auto-pause, but at the beginning of the subtitle.

Hey, all!

I was thinking it would be nice to use the auto pause feature to read the subtitle and then listen to it after. It’s practically already implemented, just needs to tweak the cue for the pause. Instead of pausing to re-read, you are using the content to primarily read, then listen to it after.


I think it’'s a good idea!

Oh. This pretty much already exists. Hold on either A, S or D keys (or arrow keys). playback will hold at the beginning of the sub. When you release, playback resumes. I call it ‘peek’ mode in the code.

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While the peek feature is nice, if you’re doing it a lot it’s kinda high-effort compared to what is being requested.


Yeah, it’s definitely not the same.

  1. By using the ‘peek’ feature, let’s say by pressing D, you’re essentially skipping through a chunk of video that doesn’t contain audio.
  2. If you’re not advanced in your target language, it’s high-effort, as Nolnkling mentioned. You may need to keep pressing for 10s++ to read before you release the key.

Just think about it, an auto-pause option at the beginning of the subtitle could be one of the best reading tools out there. You get to read something engaging before listening to that audio.