Continuous playback but skip parts with no dialogue

After I’ve learned a specific section of a video, I would like to go back and play the entire thing over again but without playing any of the parts where there is no dialogue spoken.

This is following the advice of MattVsJapan, where we try to make the revision time as productive as possible. I know that I can skip from subtitle to subtitle but if I want to do this for an entire 45 minute video I’m pressing the D key hundreds of times. Not only is it frustrating, but it requires constant interaction.

Is there any way (or possibility of adding a feature request) to have an option where we can basically replicate the functionality of automatically pausing playback at the end of every subtitle but then automatically beginning playback of the next subtitle so that we don’t get all the padding between parts of the dialogue?


Good thinking! :grin:A splendid idea!

That sounds incredible!

I support this request wholeheartedly.