Automating the skipping of non-dialogue parts in the subtitles.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Language Reactor for language learning and have been exploring its features. I’m curious to know if there is a way to automatically skip non-dialogue parts during subtitles without manual intervention. I’ve checked the addon settings, but I’m unsure if this specific functionality exists.

Has anyone successfully automated the skipping of non-dialogue parts in Language Reactor? If so, could you please share your insights or experiences?

Thank you for your assistance!


Just commenting to add on that I’d also like to see this function! I use LR to watch shows I’m already pretty familiar with, so I don’t need the pauses between dialogue. I currently just manually do it by tapping D, but it’d be nice to have a way to just let it do it’s thing on its own.

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I would love this - make it easier to work out how much actual contact time I have had with the language too!