Gaps between subtitles

Hi, I have just discovered this extension and it’s great! The one thing I would change is that when there are gaps between speech, the previous subtitles disappear… or in other words, subtitles only stay on the screen for the duration of the speech. Specifically, I am talking about the view in the bottom bar with dual subtitles. It would be great if each subtitle stayed until the next one is queued - to give slightly more time to catch what was said. With this option, there would never be a point where no subtitle is displayed.

As far as I am aware, this is not an option, and I could not find it as an already existing request. Let me know if I am unclear or if I have missed something.



I’ve come onto the forum to specifically request exactly this.
I’d love to see it happen, it would be massively helpful.

Often subtitles seem to go away the minute someone stops talking. Often there will be a large gap between one piece of dialogue and the next - being able to use that time to read the ‘latest’ subtitles would be amazing. I’m learning Chinese and thus have English, Chinese characters and Pinyin visible. The extra time would allow me the time to parse the subtitles and make more effective use of my study/watching time.

There’s many instances where there are large gaps between pieces of dialogue. This includes when there’s a change of scene, or simply in a slower paced conversation with pauses. Being able to make use of this ‘dead time’ to review and re-read the previous subtitle would be great.

Note @isaacbasil that a sidebar can be enabled that goes some of the way to solving this problem - but I find it to be quite disruptive when you’re watching a show with someone else, especially if you make the font-size largable to be read when sitting back from the monitor.

Please make this happen :pray:t2: