Support for ChatGPT? User-defined Sentence Translator?


I found out that so far it seems that only one user has created a topic asking for support for chatgpt, but it seems that no one has commented on it yet. So i’m wondering if it’s even being considered and if any of you (especially those learning Korean or a similar language) have experienced chatgpt being a game changer as a translator?

Unlike my other foreign languages (Russian, Chinese and French), it’s quite a hassle to look up particles and connectives in Korean, especially if you’re a beginner. Every time i successfully found one of several context-sensitive explanations for the particle in question, i have to save it somewhere, only to go back every time i think i’ve come across the same construction, only to find out half the time that it’s a similar but different grammatical aspect. Well, chatgpt just does a great job of breaking down each morpheme, then explaining the next biggest chunks of meaning based on the context, and then the whole sentence. All in less than two minutes.

My request for a quick win without major changes would be to have the user-defined-dictionary option for the whole sentence so that i could at least send my sentences to chatgpt faster. By major changes i mean something like chatgpt analyzing sentences or even entire scripts in the background, breaking down phrases in the mini dictionary on several levels (1. each morpheme, 2. bigger meaning units, 3. translation of the whole sentence) as it currently does with the prompt, including short explanations etc.

However, before i open a new request, i’d like to know, if i’m just missing a similar function that already exists or if this feature isn’t widely requested, anyways.

Thank you!

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Hi! You may have a look at It is built by me and is in its early stage. My very motivation is to integrate GPT into the learning experience. Hope you can give it a try and give me some feedbacks to help me make it better!


Jesus, this is exactly what I am looking for!