TR Auto Translate subs are not detected any longer

  • Any youtube video, running Chrome Version 108.0.5359.98 (Official Build) (x86_64)
  • from Turkey
  • I try to have Turkish Auto Translated captions as the main ones shown. Then having the translated language be english. I usually hide the translated language so not to channel myself out of learning Turkish.
    When I add the auto translated subtitles manually at the beginning of the video (it would be wonderful if language reactor had built in way of forcing ones preferred auto translated language) I receive this error message label:
    “Language Reactor Error: Failed to retrieve linguistic data:
    NETWORK_ERROR Lang: tr, tt_key:
    And it then says subtitles hasn’t started yet on the video even though before changing the subs they were displayed.
    At times after this message the subtitles do pop up in the primary source with the secondary translated source with the help of Language Reactor but then the Primary Source (the TR auto translate subs) is not clickable (for looking up words, tags etc) and neither shown in the label color format. I really wish this was more convenient and that LR would work properly with TR auto translated subs.
    I have tried disabling any chrome extension that I thought might have interfered with LR but sadly after cleaning up my chrome extensions the above mentioned issues remain persistent.