Use local subtitle YouTube.

I don’t know how to do use local subtitle for YouTube video. For some YouTube video, the automated generated subtitles is not ideal so I use OpenAI’s Whisper AI to generate one and export them into SRT format. However, I can’t find a way to use them with the Reactor extension.

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here : Language Reactor.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jason,

Currently, the only way of playing subtitles/CCs with your own SRT format (i.e., subtitles that aren’t provided by the video/platforms—Individual Uploader/YouTube/Netflix) is to use LR’s Video File tool, which can be found on their website—currently still in beta so not perfect, but worth a try to see if it suits your needs.

Thanks Joan!

This approach requires me to download the YouTube video first, which adds a bit of friction. It will be a better workaround if the Video File can play YouTube video directly.

I am wondering if there is other browser extension can load local transcript in a way that the transcript are exposed to Reactor in the same way as the platform-provided one.


Yes, I hear you there! Other LR users have also mentioned this friction in the Forum in the past—from what I can recall.

There’s even an open request on this exact need: Option for Video link for Video File feature

Hopefully, another user can chime in on a possible browser extension that can load local transcript in the way you’re looking for. So far, I know of none, so it would be interesting to find out.

Thanks. The Video File seems to only support uploading one subtitle. Is there a way to upload two - one in my target language and one in my native langague?

No problem @Jason, I know it’s not the exact answer you were hoping for.

And unfortunately, it’s just the one right now. That was another point of feedback I saw in the Forum. (That it would be nice to be able to upload more than the target language SRT.)

It’s supposed to use machine translation to translate from your target language into your native language automatically (again, not the best but worth a shot to see if it suits your needs for now.)

Hoping the LR devs add the ability to use two SRT files (one for TL and the other for a fluent language of choice) to their to-do list.

P.S. This is one request I found related to the two files with Video File tool: Mode - file player (improve it please)