Importing external subtitle to youtube

Since Youtube’s auto-captions are not the best quality, i generally use OpenAI’s Whisper to create better subtitles. I wonder if there is any way to import local subs to LR’s interface while watching youtube videos.

I know importing subtitle feature has been requsted repeatedly, and it would be super cool if it is added some day but my question is is there anything i can do to circumvent this problem?

Is it possible in any way to add external subtitles to Youtube side, in order to LR to use it, or can i do anything to change LR’s active subtitle to make it show my subtitles. Like another chrome extension to update LR’s functionality.

I am not too experienced in the web development but if there is a possibility to make this work i would try my best. So if there is someone experienced in this topic, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I would be interested in a solution for the same thing although rather than for improving on YT’s subtitles I had videos in mind that don’t have any, usually because the uploader didn’t specify the language of the video.

I tried generating my own subtitles using some AI tool I don’t remember now and found it was not actually better than YT. In what way do you find whisper improves on YT? It might be something like better segmentation which I may not have paid attention to when comparing. And which tool specifically do you recommend for generating subtitles with whisper?

Anyway, I remember I once installed some other plugin that allows for importing your own SRT and found that LR cannot access that other plugin’s subtitles and continued to work with the YT ones:((

Yeah, i tried the same thing with an extension, and realized the same thing. :confused:

Biggest advantage of whisper is better segmentation, for sure. You’re right that especially smaller models of Whisper does not improve that much on Youtube’s model. And it very often fails in figuring out exact timings of sentences.

But there are a lot of open-source upgrades to improve whisper’s performance. And they could cause drastical differences in quality. And when using them you can definitely create better captions than Youtube.

Not as a tool recommendation, but you can check out my subtitle creator app :smiley: which both supports normal Whisper and Stable Whisper (which is an open-source improved model of Whisper and i would recommend using it in any case). GitHub - ErenEmreK/create_subtitles: Create automated subtitles for your video files and urls. But you can probably find alternatives on Github or make one yourself if you want to, since Whisper’s Python API is fairly easy to use.