would be cool to have an extension that allowed you to make shared subtitles videos with something like whisper AI in the cloud

Have been thinking about an interesting project to work on. It’d be really cool to have an extension that:

  • for videos without previous created subs on youtube that you could generate subs with whisper AI for example which provides good sub-titles in the media language and/or translations.
  • once a video has had subtitles generated by someone they are stored on the server and the extension automatically finds them for you. The subtitles are somehow injected into the YT interface to select subtitles or just automatically selected depending on the users settings and then work on YT as any other YT subtitles would work.
  • there are wiki like features to edit either the pre existing subtitles originally uploaded with the video or the whisper generated subs. As well as editing the subs it’d be nice to be able to edit the timestamps to fix timing issues and to merge and split time segments and change what words the subtitles begin and end on.
  • be nice to work out how to allow the YT video owner to go to the web site associated with the extension and without needing the extension be able to press a button to apply the subtitles to their video. Indeed this would be a way to spread the use of the extension. Have links that are postable to YT comments saying there are some subs available and allowing for the owner of the vid to apply them to his video or telling the interested viewer about the available subs and how to use them.

Sounds like a cool idea. Are you a developer or experienced entrepreneur? I am a long time developer and somewhat experienced small time entrepreneur. Benjamin Lieb - Threadable | LinkedIn

Bootstraping something like this might be somewhat risky in terms of time and energy especially for someone who’s already full-time employed working on side projects. Do you have access to any kind of funding, for example could this be applied to a university project or something like that?

Either way I’d be happy to I have a video or phone chat to discuss the details through with you. Nothing actually has to come for me but I like thinking about new projects try.

My last project was a Chinese language Learning extension https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/chinese-console-popup-dic/mekipefdgdacoicbibojhhjppiiaoidp?pli=1