Extension for local video playback

The same UI, the same UX, but with content being provided by the learner (user). This would be helpful for people in countries where the Netflix catalogue is very sparse, and YouTube just doesn’t cut it.

The learner would choose the input video, and the subtitles files.

I am aware of Lingo Player, but the UX of the chrome extension is just way better.


I absolutely agree with this! There are videos that I own the video, and subtitle file, but it is not on Netflix, and I can’t just upload copyrighted material to YouTube. It’d love to be able to combine my vocabulary list from my Netflix LLN to my local videos.

If the developers prefer using an existing platform to “hook” the extension to, instead of starting from scratch, one way to go about it would be to hook it to Kosmi. It supports loading a video to play in the browser, and supports these formats.

Using Kosmi would be a really good idea given the nature of the app - being able to watch videos together. It can help people learn together, or an advanced speaker help a beginner progress by walking them through content.