What are your strategies for using the app's functions?

I am at about a B1-2 with my target language, trying to get to C1 using Krashen’s comprehensible input, though focusing on interest over language difficulty level (ie. I’ll watch an interesting but higher n+2 vocabulary level show rather than an n+1 cartoon because I just get bored with the latter).

I am experimenting with:
-reviewing the words list as stratified by difficulty before the show, starting at hardest words (8000+) and saving ones I don’t know in a Google sheets
-watching the show, still noting words I don’t know in context
-studying the vocab list in batches of a few hundred at a time when I’m tired of watching programs

Rinse repeat. It seems my progress has been faster with this technique, though still feels like I could clean things up.

What strategies are you all using?

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